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ATIYA MYERS, ESQ. is an experienced attorney specializing in the areas of family law, civil rights law, complex personal injury, and business consulting. 

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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Have you been injured? 

Injuries can have a detrimental impact on you and your family’s livelihood. Injuries are expensive often requiring medical bills, damaged property, missed work, and not to mention the cost of emotional stress. #AMLF can help you secure the best remedy possible without you paying anything upfront.

Family Law

#AMLF comprehensive range of family law services includes divorce proceedings, child custody and support disputes, spousal support arrangements, division of property, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, adoption, guardianship, and mediation services. We understand the sensitivity and uniqueness of each family's situation and are committed to providing personalized, compassionate legal support. 

Business Law

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, #AMLF offers a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to your needs. Atiya Myers brings her expertise in LLC formation, trial litigation, trademark prosecution, agreement drafting, and contract negotiation to protect and advance your interests. With her background as an entrepreneur, Atiya is well-versed in navigating the complexities of business ownership, allowing you to focus on growth while #AMLF manages your legal affairs efficiently.

Civil Rights

#AMLF civil rights practice has a distinguished track record of challenging injustices across Southern California, particularly through claims against prominent entities such as Los Angeles County, various school districts, and city police departments. This specialized focus encompasses a wide range of civil rights violations, including police misconduct, educational inequities, and systemic abuses within local government agencies. By leveraging a deep understanding of federal and state civil rights laws, this practice meticulously investigates and litigates cases that not only seek justice for individuals but also aim to implement significant policy changes. Through strategic litigation against these entities, we seek to secure meaningful compensations for our clients but also fostered a greater accountability within public institutions, contributing to the protection and advancement of civil liberties in our communities.

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Family Law, Personal Injury, Civil Rights Lawyer

About Atiya Myers Law Firm, PC

Atiya Myers, an Atlanta native and Tuskegee University alumna, founded the Atiya Myers Law Firm after transitioning from a successful engineering career at Chevron to law. Graduating from the University of California, Irvine School of Law on a full scholarship, she honed her legal skills in various clinics, initially focusing on intellectual property law before shifting to a more client-focused practice in family and business law. Atiya’s approach, deeply rooted in her engineering and legal experiences, emphasizes client advocacy, informed decision-making, and personalized legal solutions. Her firm specializes in assisting families and small business owners with complex legal challenges, embodying her philosophy of “trading your problems for solutions.” Atiya is admitted to practice in California, including the Eastern and Central Districts. To start resolving your legal issues, book a 15-minute consultation with Atiya at AMLF.

Family Law, Personal Injury, Civil Rights Legal Team

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Atiya believes in offering clients the best legal solution possible and allowing clients to make informed choices. Her practice areas center on helping people, specifically families and business owners. 


She understands the complex issues that arise from having a family member become injured or not knowing how to respond to the never-ending legal demands of owning a small business. She has lived these experiences herself and for that reason alone she pledges to “trade your problems for solutions.”